Back to blogging

I haven’t been blogging for a while, but as you can see, I’m back.

I’m no longer writing to my TechNet blog as those old personal blogs are being retired or moved to the Microsoft TechCommunity blogs. I like those blogs, but I also like the flexibility of publishing to my own personal blog where I’m providing my own opinions and have the flexibility to publish my own random thoughts. Thus, was born. I’ve also ported over many of my old TechNet blog posts for posterity in case anyone might be looking for them.

Since I last wrote a post I’ve changed teams. Twice. I’m still at Microsoft (since 2005), but no longer with the Azure AD team. I moved from there to the Azure Stack team for about a year and now I’m a senior premier field engineer for Azure focusing mostly on EMS. More specifically, I’m spending most of my time with Intune these days.

So, if you keep an eye on this blog you’ll see a lot of EMS and Intune content, but I also like to blog about smoking ribs or brisket (and pretty much anything else that will fit in my smoker).

Now you’re caught up. Time for me to start blogging something and I hope whatever comes next is helpful. Comments are turned off for my blog posts, but you can always give me feedback via Twitter at @JeffGilb.